Announcement [EVENT] Flyff Hold'em 2020 - Krispy Royale

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    • [EVENT] Flyff Hold'em 2020 - Krispy Royale

      Flyff Hold'em 2020 - Krispy Royale
      Start: 07-02-2020 End: 21-02-2020

      inspired by Webzon - FlyFF Hold'em

      NPC: Jacklin Pott
      Location: Saint Morning
      Level: 45 + Monsters
      Duration: 2 Weeks


      Collect A-, K-, Q-, J- and 10-Cards (from monsters level 45+)
      and bring them to Jacklin Pott in Saint Morning. She will exchange them for some great boxes!

      20x A-Card --> ACE BOX
      20x K-Card --> KING BOX
      20x Q-Card --> QUEEN BOX
      20x J-Card --> JACK BOX
      24x 10th-Card --> MIGHTY BOX

      Box Info & rewards
      All boxes are full of items. The "Mighty Box" has a higher chance to contain better items.

      Items contained in this box: XP scrolls, power ups, casino sets parts and much more.

      1. first goal:
      Get set parts of the Casino Set
      from all boxes to complete your set.

      2. final goal:
      Exchange your Casino Sets for a Casino Hyper Set with a 33% exchange chance if u want.
      Warning: You should only do this if you have much more casino sets! (Exchange to hyper set)

      Casino Hyper Set 33%

      Ace Box x5 67%

      Casino Set (M/F) effects

      Set Effects: 5% Droprate, 5% ATK, 5% Health, 5% Speed.
      Single Parts Effects: 7 STR,DEX,STA,INT.

      Casino Hyper Set (M/F) effects
      Set Effects: 7% Droprate, 7% ATK, 7% Health, 7% Speed.
      Single Parts Effects: 10 STR,DEX,STA,INT.


      We wish you a good time with this event! :)