Shivaniya FlyFF Rules (EN)

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    • Shivaniya FlyFF Rules (EN)

      Shivaniya FlyFF Rules (EN)


      1. §1 General
      2. §2 Consequences
      3. §3 Possesion of the Accounts
      4. §4 Way of behaving
      5. §5 Item refunds
      6. §6 Shivaniya FlyFF-Team
      7. §7 Case of fraud
      8. §8 Third party account sharing
      9. §9 Money trading/selling
      10. §10 Bug using, Cheats, Doping etc.
      11. §11 Diverse
      §1 General

      1. (1) All players are olbiged to check for updates of the rules regulary. This means that you can be punished even if you didn't know about the rule.
      2. (2) You accept all the current and future rules at the moment you registered an account.
      3. (3)The player /you are obliged to abide the rules and report any abusing/infringement.
      §2 Consequences

      1. (1)We are looking for a peaceful and respective community. This means that we would be pleased if we don't need to punish people and will only use this method as the last step.
      2. (2)Executed punishments against players or group of players are always served with a reason and are adjusted to the severity of the offens.
      3. (3)Possible punishments: Temp/perma Char-deactivation, kick, temp/perma Ban.
      4. (4)You have no right to access your account while you're banned.
      §3 Possesion of the Accounts

      1. (1) All accounts and all their content are possesion of the server.
      2. (2) We have the right to temporarily take over a account if we have a suspicion of harmful behaviour to check that
      §4 Way of behaving

      1. (1) We are looking for a peaceful and respective community.
      2. (2) It's not allowed to harm, insult, denounce... other players, no matter if it's ingame, in the forum or in discord.
      §5 Item refunds

      1. (1) We don't refund any lost items if you're responsible. This means we don't refund in the following examples:
      2. - Fraud while trading and so on.
      3. - Accidenlty deleting an item or sold for the wrong price.
      4. - Missing scroll while upgrading which causes the item to vanish.
      5. - Recycling of a wrong item.
      6. - Wrong item used while combining.
      7. - Lost item due to ingame mail.
      8. - Item was in the guild bank.
      9. - Compromised account
      §6 Shivaniya FlyFF-Team

      1. (1)Always be friendly, honest and respectful to all Team members.
      2. (2) Insulting team members can be punished by bans depending on the severity.
      3. (3) Never ever pretend to be a team member.
      4. (4) Do not try to get an advantage by pretending to know a team member.
      5. (5) Don't harass a team member with item or penya wishes. This can be punisheg depending on the severity.
      §7 Case of fraud

      1. (1)All members are obliged to check any trade with player before accepting. If any fraud happened it is because you have been naive. Trading is the responsibility of the players, not the team.
      2. (2)If you lost your items due to fraud trading you wont get a refund! Fraud trading is however NOT allowed and will be punished.
      §8 Third party account sharing

      1. (1) You are allowed to share your account with other person on your own responsibility.
      2. (2) If your account is somehow harmed by a third person you're the one who is accountable. We won't refund any items, donor points and so on.
      §9 Money trading/selling

      1. (1)It is forbidden to (try to) trade or sell: Accounts, Items, Donor points or anything else for real money. This behaviour is banable.
      2. (1)You're not allowed to trade with real money inagem. This inclused stuff like "Paysafecard", "uKash" and so on.
      §10 Bug using, Cheats, Doping etc.

      1. (1) Report bugs to a team member via ticket, discord or forum as soon as you discover one.
      2. (2) Bug abusing, exploit using and any sort of bot using is forbidden and banable.
      3. (3)You're not allowed to use programms/tools that grant you any sort of advantage. Sole exception is the program "F-Tool". (<- Ftool is allowed!)
      4. Afk farming or botting is not allowed.
      5. (4) Duping is not allowed and is banable.
      §11 Diverse

      1. (1) It is forbidden to elude any kind of ban by using a new account or other means. If we discover such a thing we will ban the new account as well. If this happens more than once we will ban your IP.
      2. (2) You're not allowed to post any kind of advertisement for other server anywhere. Not ingame, not in the forums, not in discord, not even in private chats.
      3. (3) You're also not allowed to post any kind of advertisement for Shiva Flyff on other servers.